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christmas cookies
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I couldn’t resist one more batch of cookies for Christmas and as you can probably tell, I found myself some snowflake cookie cutters. Now, ordinarily I would bake your standard sugar cookie for decorating purposes but I promised to make a gingerbread house for my daughters, which we did from

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Oatmeal, Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies
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It’s a Christmas cookie extravaganza out there – and I am adding to it with my version of these very Christmassy looking treats I found in the most recent Bon Appetit magazine. These simple oatmeal cookies are peppered with three different chocolates, nuts and some brightly coloured cranberrys that look

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There is something very comforting about soup and Potato and Leek soup is one of my favourites and so easy.  Leeks are what I would call a gentle vegetable – long, lovely and lush. Beautiful to look at and the flavour they impart is subtle but almost bold at the

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While walking through the bookstore one day, I spotted this adorable cookbook with a retro looking cover. The book was called Deceptively Delicious…such a fun name. I then remembered that Oprah had this on her show (check it out here) and Jessica Seinfeld created it. All of the recipes look

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pumpkin cream cheese muffins
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Mr Pumpkin has finally got the better of me and I am now ‘pumpkinised’. It’s true, for the last couple of weeks I have been avoiding pumpkins with a steely determination. Turning a blind eye to those ‘come hither’ looks they give whenever I glance their way. Shaking off their

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Green Beans
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With Australia being one big melting pot of nationalities we get a huge cultural influence in our food.  Asian infusion is probably the most dominant and certainly my most favourite. This does not mean that you find fried rice or sushi on the menu at modern Australian restaurants – but you will

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Mushroom Risotto
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  I often marvel at how the mind works, mine in particular. It hadn’t been a good day when I sat down to read through this recipe, and the mere thought of making and photographing it the following day, was almost too much. I had also been resisting the clutches

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Apple Cake
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One of the many things I love about Autumn are the varieties of apples that become available – so crisp and sweet, it almost seems a shame to cook them. But with the produce section of our market looking like an applepolooza, and despite my desire to eat them in

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The women here at ITKM are always on the lookout for ways to remove prepared edibles from our lives.  The evidence against pre-packaged food is mounting, and while many of us have phased out the frozen dinners and salty boxed/canned foods, most overlook the simple staples.  We must be weary

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