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Canvas4Life photographs on canvasEvery so often one of those photos comes around.  You’re dumping photos onto your computer from your last photo session and one just pops out at you.   It may be because you simply took an amazing photograph, or it may be the subject.  For me, most of those moments happen when looking at captures of my daughter.  Those are the ones that get emailed to friends and family, printed and framed, and if they are lucky–canvased.

I have been a huge fan of getting prints turned into canvased creations for awhile.  I have tried different companies, all with different results.   Of  course you must always start with a huge high resolution image, but even still, some companies just can’t get it right.  It is disappointing to receive dull, lifeless canvases, and even more so to receive a cheap product.  Canvas 4 Life is a company that turns images into canvas art.   It is not only their specialty, but their only passion and only product.  They do not sell prints on t-shirts, mugs, or calendars–just canvas.  It shows in the end result, believe me you will be thrilled with the quality.

Ordering a canvas is a very easy process.  The hard part is taking that amazing wall-worthy photograph.  First, you will upload the image where quality testing comes into play.  I uploaded a low res image just to test the system and the red flags went up immediately (well, a big red X).  I then upload a better but not perfect image and I “passed as medium quality.”  The website will only let you then chose a size that will not compromise  the quality of the image.   When I put in my photo of choice (of my darling daughter) it gave me a huge thumbs up, so I knew the image was good enough for the canvas size I had chosen.   Next you will choose several options, starting with color.  Here you decide whether to keep the color, go black & white, or sepia.  I chose original color.  The next option is coating.  I wanted the brightest color possible so I went with no coating.  The smarter thing to do probably is chose either matte or satin coat.  This coating will protect your canvas from scratches, scuffs, and UV light.  If you have a lot of darker tones in your image, UV fading is a real possibility and a coating should be added.  If you like shiny, go with satin, which is a semi-gloss coating.  Next, you choose frame depth–either .75″ deep or 1.5″ deep (no price difference).  I like the look of the deeper frame, but chose the shallower one so I wouldn’t lose the top and bottom of my photo over the edge.  Which brings me to the bleed or no bleed option.  I really like the bleed (image wraps around the corners), so I went with that.  Your last step is an optional PhotoPerfect application, that can make last minute adjustments to enhance the overall photo.  I declined this, but it is a great option.

A couple things of note about Canvas 4 Life: if you are unsure your canvas will match your room, you can digitally create the scene.  During the whole process, you will see your canvas on a blank wall in a “living room”.  You can change the color of the walls, the floor, add in lots of decor, whatever you need to see if you have chosen the right photograph for the job.  This is a truly unique feature that will give you even more peace of mind.  The canvas is 100% cotton (top notch at 400 gsm) and is stretched over real artist streatcher bars.   Each frame is made to order.  The inks used are also top notch–HP Vivera, which have won awards for their quality.  I can certainly attest to the vibrant and rich colors.  I was truly amazed with my order’s powerful color.  These inks are of archival standard that are guaranteed to last for over 75 years!  Speaking of lasting a lifetime, the frame comes inserted with corner wedges that will keep the structure super sturdy.  And guess what–the prices are pretty reasonable!  If in the end you are not happy with your end result, Canvas 4 Life offers a full money back guarantee.

Canvas 4 Life is offering our readers 10% off their already current discounted prices!  Simply use the code knowmom10 at checkout to receive your discount!  These make awesome gifts, so keep them in mind for the upcoming holiday season.  There are grandmas and pas everywhere who would love to have their grandkids displayed in such a beautiful way in their homes!  Like Canvas 4 Life on Facebook to keep up to date on products and offers!

Special thanks to Canvas4Life for providing a product for review.

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