bubbly bee’s knees champagne cocktail + baked brie

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Football is huge in my home, so buckle up, I’ll be writing a lot about it this fall. My husband is borderline obsessive when it comes to keeping up with his team from Minnesota, despite the fact that neither of us have ever been to Minnesota. Most every football Sunday, we have friends over, meaning Neil invites his boys over and the wives tag along. While my husband has a great time shouting, pacing in front of the TV, drinking craft beer and munching on cheesy nachos with the guys, I’ve got something else planned for the girls. *hint: it involves champagne.

baked brie and champagne #epicwithandre

No matter what your level of football love, there is an easy way to really enjoy the season and that is through great food and beverages! My usual football Sunday meal is a slow cooker meat, typically served over cheesy nachos and always alongside an incredible craft beer. This year, I’m creating something special for the football wives club featuring Andre Champagne and some fancy cheese.

baked brie honey and fig #epicwithandre

Champagne cocktails can be so unexpected. This Bubbly Bee’s Knees is a classic drink with a twist – sweet and tart, fizzy and fun. A Bee’s Knees is a prohibition era cocktail featuring gin, lemon and honey – one of my favorite cocktail combinations. It is simple to make and topped with champagne, even better!

bubbly bee's knees cocktail #epicwithandre

In 1966 André set out to provide an affordable sparkling wine to the masses, and for an entertainer like myself, it has been an easy choice. There is nothing like a good glass of champagne and the celebratory mood that the POP and subsequent fizz creates. I mean, who doesn’t like champagne? André has expanded over the years to include 9 different California champagnes and sparkling wines Andre Brut to Blush to Strawberry Moscato, there is something for everyone!

Where there is wine, there must be cheese. That is a rule. This past Sunday, I created a baked brie that was both sweet and savory, crispy and gooey. In a word, perfection. Feel free to change out the fruits and nuts for seasonal items whenever you make this recipe. There are so many awesome combinations that could be great. I went with figs, honey and walnuts because, wow, what an amazing combo!


Figs are everywhere here in California late summer. I cannot buy enough of them… seriously so good. I keep imagining new and unexpected places to stick these gorgeous fruits and since they pair so perfectly with raw honey, they seemed like the obvious route for this baked brie.

california figs #epicwithandre

There are basically two ways to bake brie, unwrapped or wrapped. I really wanted the wow factor for game day, so I wrapped my brie wheel in puff pastry that would turn golden brown in the oven. Before wrapping, of course, I topped the cheese generously with toasted walnuts, honey and sliced figs. These will be happy surprises for your guests when they cut into it later!

baked brie #epicwithandre

While the brie is baking, combine these same trio (toasted walnuts, figs and honey) in a pan over medium heat and saute until the figs soften and caramelize. This is optional, but I like the added topping so everyone is sure to get enough to go with their brie.

fig and walnut baked brie #epicwithandre

When the baked brie comes out all toasty and gooey, pop that champagne and shake up your Bubbly Bee’s Knees! Happy game day and remember to keep it #EpicWithAndre!

bubbly bee's knees #epicwithandre

Bubbly Bee’s Knees

  • 2 oz gin
  • 1/2 oz honey simple syrup*
  • 3/4 oz lemon juice
  • Andre Champagne
  1. Shake gin, honey syrup and lemon juice with ice. Pour into a martini or coup glass.
  2. Top with champagne.

** create a simple syrup with a 1:1 ratio sugar to water (1 cup sugar, 1 cup water). Add in 6 oz honey. Bring to a boil, turn off heat and allow to cool. Store syrup in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.

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