Booty Cubes – Wipe Solution For Little Booties

 Booty Cubes   Wipe Solution For Little Booties wipes solution sensitive skin booty cubes

To compliment our current Bummas cloth wipes giveaway, I wanted to share a little gem I discovered called Booty Cubes. I mentioned in the last posting about my daughter’s sensitive skin and how I finally made the decision to switch to cloth wipes and natural solution versus store bought wipes. I first looked into making my own solution and quickly halted that project as soon as I found Booty Cubes. They did all the work for me! Their cubes contain 100% all natural ingredients, which help to prevent and soothe diaper rash. I love that the story behind the cubes is similar to mine. Cassondra’s daughter had a reaction to every solution on the market, so she decided to make wipe solution herself. Thankfully she’s sharing her solution to all the other moms out there like myself who desperately need a natural product.

My daughter’s skin has been absolutely perfect since I’ve been using Booty Cubes. Using cloth wipes and these cubes will not only save the environment, but save you money! Her 2 oz packages of Booty Cubes contains approximately 45 – 50 cubes. I use 1 cube in 8 oz of water. I actually use the handy dandy squirt bottle I received when leaving the hospital after delivering my daughter for the solution. I always knew I’d use it for something! One 2 oz package of Booty Cubes only costs $5.80 can easily last me a year. The money I’ve saved in addition to the relief I’ve given my daughter is priceless.

I was able to try Booty Cubes Foaming Wipe solution this past weekend and have to say that she’s impressed me all over again. Two little pumps of the foam and I have more than enough liquid on my wipe to clean my daughter. The fragrances are so calming and there’s a huge selection to choose from.

Choose your favorite Booty Cubes here and read about how each of the blends will help even the most sensitive of skin. If you aren’t sure which blend to choose, try the sample pack with any three choices of Booty Cubes. Time to go natural! 

 Booty Cubes   Wipe Solution For Little Booties wipes solution sensitive skin booty cubes

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