Boo Hoo Cold Pack

I just came across these adorable Boo Hoo Cold Packs on Simply Jenna’s blog. What an adorable idea. My daughter is always getting little boo boo’s and insists that she needs an ice pack. Jenna is considering selling her adorable Boo Hoo Cold Packs but isn’t just yet, so stay tuned if you’d like one for yourself.

Her adorable design inspired me to try it myself! I love her owl patterns, but you can really make any shape or animal you’d like. You can make yours into a monster for your little boy like these from Seven Thirty Three who even provides a tutorial. These rice packs are so easy to make. Simply create a design with fabric, a square, rectangle or an animal of your choice (owl, octopus, monster, dog, heart, etc). Sew the two pieces together leaving yourself a small opening to add the rice. Add the rice, sew the opening shut and it’s done! You can heat these up in the microwave or keep them in the freezer. They’re great for icing boo boos or even heated up when they’re down with the flu. They’re even great for mom’s to use to help ease menstrual cramps. Would love to see what you all come up with!

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