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Sometimes tearing your child away from their computers, favorite shows and cool gadgets can be a challenge. My daughter adores doing crafts, but I’ll be the first to admit that it takes time to think of crafts and then run out to the store to find all of the needed items for it. So how can you get everything you need along with it being educational and most importantly, fun?!? Well The BabbaBox completely fits this bill. Arriving right on your front doorstep every month is a fun box (for just $30 a month) is a creative, educational craft kit for you and your children.

Each box has a theme, which is detailed on a sticker on the inside lid of the box. The theme of my box was Sun, Moon & Stars. These boxes explore the themes through creating, exploring, digital and storytelling. Plus the box also includes a book and kid-friendly programs to download.

With my due date quickly approaching, I know that it will be hard for my 5 year old to be at my parents while we all stay at the hospital, so this is the perfect time for her to open her BabbaBox. She’ll be staying at my parents house, which is an extra bonus because my dad has an amazing telescope. Inside the box is a fun book about the starts of the week, which they’ll read just before bed. Also is a craft to create a constellation frame. Here they’ll be able to look through the telescope to see the different constellations. She’ll also be able to see what they create, like the Big Dipper and Ursa Major. She’ll have fun coloring them in and making them come to life. Also included is a Lunar Calendar with a pair of binoculars to try and determine which phase the moon is in while she’s there. I know that she’ll really enjoy the paper-mache moon nightlight with all of the supplies needed. The instructions, paper-mache, light, glue and everything else. To top off the box, there’s even a star shaped wine stopper for the parents!

This is by far, the most impressive monthly craft box for kids that’s also educational that I’ve seen. The kit is geared for kids ages 3 – 6 but they are coming out with activities for younger kids too. Head over to Babbabox to sign up for a monthly subscription or even try the summer survival pack. They even do them by the month if you just want one! Head over to their site to learn more.

Special thanks for product provided to facilitate this review.

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