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This past year, I’ve been making my best effort to provide my children with toys they love, but are also safe for them and our beautiful planet. I went through the playroom and cleared out a bunch of plastic toys with flashing lights and sounds.  I’m slowly incorporating wooden and eco-friendly toys for them to play with instead.

I know that a lot of people don’t see the harm in plastic toys, but there are so many different issues surrounding them. First of all, most plastic toys are made of PVC. The manufacturing of PVC requires the largest single use of chlorine gas in the WORLD. If we stop buying these toys and recycle the ones we do have, the release of chlorine, mercury, lead, cadmium, and other potentially hazardous chemicals into the environment would be greatly reduced. Another huge problem is that most of these toys require batteries. Each year Americans throw out 180,000 TONS of batteries. Batteries are comprised of heavy metals, which include nickel cadmium, alkaline, mercury, nickel metal hydride and lead acid. What happens when batteries are not properly disposed of? All of these chemicals are stored in landfills or released in the air when incinerated. The thought of my children, who already have respiratory problems, breathing in these chemicals breaks my heart and fuels my effort to make the change.

One of my favorite things about wooden toys is the classic look. They remind me of the quality of toys that my parents played with as children. In my never ending quest for beautiful wooden toys, I found Soopsori and absolutely fell in love.

The word “Soopsori” is Korean for “the sounds of the forest.”  This company operates on the belief that we humans are two different entities, yet dependent on each other. They create ecowooden toys from natural woods, using natural linseed oil finishes, which are non-toxic and harmless if ingested. The wood used for Soopsori toys comes from afforested land around the world that is maintained under the principles of natural conservation. Soopsori makes every effort, from their resources to manufacturing, to be good to our environment.

The very first Soopsori product I discovered was the fishing set. Seriously, this set is so beautiful to look at. Seeing each little creature, I fell deeply in love. My son is SO into fishing right now and since he’s gotten this set, I hear him say about every hour, “Come on Brother, let’s go fishing!!”

Soopsori products are toys that children of all ages can love. One thing my boys share is their OBSESSION with trains. I knew they would love the Magnetic Train Set. Its a sweet set of magnetic blocks, train cars, and cute little passengers for your little one to imagine and create away. I loved watching my men work together to build the “most awesome train eber,” as Kade was yelling enthusiastically.

If you’re looking for blocks for your creative boy, a pretend play set for your aspiring physician, or play kitchen accessories and food for your little kitchen helper, check out Soopsori, your one stop shop for creative and beautiful wooden toys.

Special thanks for Soopsori for providing sample fishing set and magnetic train set for review.

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